Tips and Tricks on Windows Consumer Preview

How to Enable transparency on Windows Basic Theme

1. Open “Personalization” twice: (Charm Bar>Settings>Personalization)

(Charm Bar>Settings>Control Panel>Appearance and Personalization>Personalization)

2. In one of the open Personalization window, Select “Window Color” (this will open the “Window Color and Appearance” window)

3. Choose the “Windows Basic” on the other Personalization window (this will change your theme to basic but not yet transparent)

4. Go back to Window Color and Appearance window and deselect the “Enable transparency”

5. Choose you desired color and save.

***Make sure that the default theme is aero****

Capturing Screenshot, the easy way

1. On your desired screen, press Win key + Prt Sc (Print Screen)

2. Go to Explorer>Pictures to look for the captured image/s.

How to enable Metro Apps on unsupported resolution

1. On the Start Screen, type regedit

2. Use CTRL+F and search for “Display1_DownscalingSupported” (without quotes)

3. Replace its DWORD value to 1

Useful Windows Shorcut Keys

Win + C – Open Charms Bar

Win + Tab – Open Switch List

Win + Q – Open Global Search

Win + W – Search Within System Settings (Allows you to search directly within System Settings)

Win + F – Search Within Files (Allows you to search directly within Files)

Win + Z – Access Options of Metro Apps (Can also be accessed by right-clicking on an empty space)

Win + I – Open Settings Menu

Win + P – Open Second Screen/ Projector Settings (For dual monitor setup)

Win + H – Go to Share Settings Pane (Lists sharing options relative to currently running app)

Win + K – Open Devices Settings Pane (Lists currently connected devices)

Win + X – Open System Utility Settings Menu in bottom-left corner.

Win + T – Preview Opened Windows in Taskbar (Brings up the window thumbnail from taskbar one by one)

Win + U – Open Ease of Access Center

Win + E – Open Windows Explorer

Win + R – Open Run Dialogue Box

Win + Pause – Open System Properties Window

Win + Enter – Open Windows Narrator

Win + Shift + . – Snap Application to Right Side (Toggles between Right side, Left side and Full Screen)

Win + . – Snap Application to Left Side

Win + , – Peek at Desktop (Aero Peek)

Win + D – Go to Desktop

Win + M – Minimize All Applications

Win + B – Go Back to Desktop

Win + J – Switches focus between snapped Metro applications

Win + L – Lock Screen

Win + Page Up/ Page Down – Switch Primary & Secondary Monitors (Dual Display)

Ctrl + Mouse Scroll (In Start Screen) – Tile Zoom Toggle

Ctrl + Mouse Scroll (In Desktop) – Change Desktop Icon Size

Ctrl + Shift+ N – Create New Folder in Current Directory





***Many more to come, stay tuned***



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