Knowing Windows 8 SKUs: Pro and Pro Pack

As Microsoft works on the Post-Beta builds, screenshots of the two (at least for now) Stock Keeping Units (SKU) revealed at In this post, we will actually discussed a minimal difference between the two versions of Windows 8 at this early stage, although still a lot of changes will be made in the future .

Windows 8 Pro

“Pro” is a short term for Professional. This version of Windows 8 doesn’t include the Windows Media Center. As I’ve mentioned above , changes will still be available until this SKU reaches Release to Manufacturing (RTM). Windows To Go, a feature that allows Windows 8 to boot and run from USB mass storage devices such as flash drives and external hard drives is present in this SKU. It also noticeable that the Windows Anytime Upgrade was visible in the apps list of Windows 8 Pro, which means that this version of Windows 8 can be upgraded. This will be discussed after the break.

Confidential branding on Windows 8 Pro

Windows 8 Pro Start screen (nothing new)

Windows Anytime Upgrade on Apps drawer

System Information and build watermark

Windows 8 Pro Winver


Windows 8 Pro Pack

This version of Windows 8 is also called ProfessionalWMC or Professional with Windows Media Center, an upgraded version of  Windows 8 Pro. This might also be the Windows 8 Professional Plus that has been rumored before. Family Safety feature is present in this SKU just like in Windows Live as well as Storage Spaces and Windows To Go. Let’s check in the screenshots below how does the upgrade will look like.

Choosing the upgrade method

Entering the upgrade key

Accepting the license terms and make their lawyers happy 😉

Upgrade process

Upgrading Windows 8 Pro

Windows 8 Pro Pack

Windows 8 Pro Pack Start Screen

No more upgrade (this version might be the Ultimate counterpart in Windows 7)

Windows logo was removed in the System Information

Windows 8 Pro Pack Winver

Family Safety now on Windows 8

This is a just a quick look on the progress of Windows 8 and more news will be coming up in a couple of days so stay tuned.

Oh by the way, did I mentioned that next build will not be called Released Candidate? 🙂 Many Thanks to Canouna

We will keep you posted.