Are you ready for the Windows Consumer Preview?

Official Windows Consumer Preview wallpaper

With just a few hours left before the official release of the beta of the next version of Windows, the Redmond based software giant was still hard at work towards the pre-Release Candidate (RC) builds of Windows 8, which according to our source, has reached the 8288.0.winmain.120223-1751. But with today’s release of Windows Consumer Preview in Barcelona, Spain. Microsoft will be rolling out the final beta build 8250.0.winmain_win8beta.120217-1520. Here are some the features that we might be seeing in the build which were not discussed previously:

  1. The new windows logo will be part of the charm bar and can be customized.
  2. The Show Desktop bar is not visible but still feature complete.
  3. New setup icon and installprep splash screen image.
  4. The new default coral lockscreen wallpaper and betta fish metro wallpaper and a lot of wallies inside

Microsoft earlier released PlayReady PC Runtime v.2.3 for Windows Consumer Preview for both x86/64 machines. To give you an overview of what does this application was all about, PlayReady Runtime allows PC based applications to access PlayReady content using the PlayReady PC Runtime API. Here are some the applications’ key features:

· Enabling Business Models for Digital Content
Microsoft PlayReady supports a wide range of business models for digital content providers, including:
– Subscription: Provides access to an entire catalog of content in exchange for a recurring fee.
– Purchase: Offers content for purchase and download.
– Pay Per View: Provides pay-per-view choices for all content types.
– Rental: Enables rental scenarios with time-based licenses.

· Enhanced Content Access Features
Microsoft PlayReady provides enhanced features designed to enable new consumer entertainment scenarios:
– Protection for many content types: Protects games, images, and ringtones, in addition to music and video. For audio and video content, Windows Media Audio (WMA), Windows Media Video (WMV), Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), AAC+, enhanced AAC+, and H.263 and H.264 codecs.
– Use of multiple devices in domains: Makes it easy for consumers to transfer and enjoy content on all of their supported devices.
Embedded licenses: Enables smoother transfer of content from device to device and from PC to device.
– Backward compatibility: Permits devices that support Microsoft PlayReady to play back content protected with Windows Media DRM (digital rights management technology).
– Rights visibility: Provides more information about content usage rights to your users.
– Error granularity: Provides clearer and more helpful error messages to users.
– Easier deployment: Rapidly develop support for Microsoft PlayReady in new mobile devices.

· Multiple Distribution Options
Microsoft PlayReady supports many different options for distributing content:
Basic and progressive downloads: Content can play while downloading.
Streaming: Content can be streamed to devices.
Side-loading: Content can be synced from a PC to a mobile device supporting Microsoft PlayReady.
Direct License Acquistion over the air: Content and license can be provided directly to a mobile handset over wireless networks.
Super-distribution: Content sent over user-to-user distribution channels, such as e-mail, multimedia messaging services (MMS), informal WiFi networks, and Bluetooth, can be monetized by providers.

PlayReady PC Runtime v2.3 (x86) Windows 8 Consumer Preview

PlayReady PC Runtime v2.3 (x64) Windows 8 Consumer Preview

You can later get the direct download and torrent links of Windows Consumer Preview on the Downloads page of this blog .